Surrendering of allotment is a student choice and will be honoured by CCMN 2017. A proper and timely surrender of allotment will create an additional vacancy for another deserving candidate.

If a candidate wishes to surrender the allotment, the candidate should do it ONLINE and need NOT report to any PI.

A student can surrender an allotment during the stipulated dates mentioned in the “Key Dates” column in the website or mentioned in the later part of this brochure.

Step 1:

In Candidate’s Corner section, login with PID as login id and password. Verify the current and all previous round of allotment with displayed page. If any discrepancy is observed, immediately contact CCMN 2017 team by posting a query to, Candidate Query Corner

Step 2:

  1. Fill the displayed text box with valid reason for surrendering seat (or) choose the appropriate reason for surrendering the seat from the drop down list.
  2. Click the surrender button to exercise the surrender option. Exercise this option carefully, as it is not possible to reverse the action, once the surrender button is executed.
  3. The system will then prompt for entering the “OTP” sent to the registered mobile number furnished by the candidate during registration process.
  4. In case “OTP” is not received for more than 5 minutes, kindly click on the regenerate “OTP”.
  5. If you still fail to receive the “OTP” to your registered mobile number due to network errors, you will receive a “verification code” similar to “OTP” to your registered email id.


A candidate should furnish a valid mobile number and email id at the time of registration and make sure this remains active through the process of CCMN counselling, as this will be the only way of communication from CCMN 2017. If there is any issue with the registered mobile number or email id contact CCMN 2017 well in advance with proper proofs to resolve the issue.

Step 3:

Once the “OTP/Verification Code” is successfully verified and the surrender option is executed, the candidate will be out of the allotment loop. The system will prompt a message: “Surrender is Successful”.

Step 4:

  1. Kindly print the “Surrender Letter” with all relevant details pertaining to your personal/academic details, allotment, reason for surrendering, refund details and the bank account details to which the refund is initiated.
  2. The refund will be sent to the bank account details printed on the “Surrender Letter” which was provided by the candidate at the time of registration.
  3. The refund of CPF will be settled to the candidate after deduction of Rs. 1000/- as processing charges after the Final round is complete.


If you find any information missing or printed wrongly (mainly about Refund and Bank Account Details) report to CCMN 2017 immediately by writing to us at Candidate Query Corner

  1. Registration Fee (RF):
    1. Non-refundable at all stages throughout the counselling process.
  2. Counselling Participation Fee (CPF):
    1. Non-refundable at all stages except for a valid surrender received at CCMN 2017 within the “Surrender dates”. This refund will be after deduction of Rs. 1000/- as processing charges.
  3. The refund amount will be settled to the bank details provided at the time of registration.
  4. If a candidate cancels the allotment after generating PAL (Provisional Admission Letter) and/or after taking final admission at the allotted institute, the paid CPF is forfeited in full.